ScoutsInMotion has a simple, dedicated mission: to provide Scout Units and Councils with a fundraiser that's easy, has good return, and tracks results. Current fund-raising programs can be labor intensive, and sometimes sell unwanted products. At ScoutsInMotion, we believe in people helping Scouts they know -- without the high fundraising prices! Your customers will appreciate buying directly from a Scout or online, and you'll appreciate products that deliver themselves through the mail. We track sales for you, and make online campaigns easy. Want to sell in the traditional ways you're used to? That works too! We handle any size Unit or Council, from 10 to 100,000.

Meet your growing need for revenue to support the Adventure! Use a program by Scouts, and solely for Scouts.


ScoutsinMotion supports Scouts by selling high quality coffee and hot chocolate to Scout organizations for fundraising.

Our coffee is made with top 3% (specialty grade) Arabica beans, fulfills the national "top 5" selling types, comes in nitrogen flushed one-way valve bags to maintain freshness, and is kosher certified. Around 50% of the bag price is fundraising. Our coffee is also Rain Forest Alliance Certified, a great story that complements the concern of Scouts toward people and our planet.

Our hot chocolate is a rich milk chocolate variety in individually packaged servings, requires only water to enjoy, and is also kosher certified. Around 66% of the box price is fundraising. Sim_all_sm

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